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Customer Experience – Moments of Truth – Financial Services

Our client had spent a lot of money over a long period of time monitoring their customer service scores. Within the business these had taken on almost biblical importance and were used as a critical measure of company performance.

There were growing concerns over whether what was being measured was not necessarily what really made the difference to a customer, particularly when it came to the crunch moments in the relationship. A three-stage project was implemented to explore the key customer touchpoints – understand the steps within each interaction – and finally identify the critical ‘Moment of Truth’ where the customer/brand relationship could hang in the balance.

The results were a revelation for the management responsible for customer service. Many of the traditional metrics that had gained currency over the years turned out to be of minor concern to customers. The key, particularly to customer retention, was recognising the real ‘Moments’ of customer vulnerability and making the right response in that moment.

Customer Experience

  • Moments of Truth

  • Service Recovery

  • Shopping Habits

  • Buying Motivations

  • Sorting Out Your Problems

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