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Equity Drivers - Quality Perceptions - Telco

Our client was concerned that they had reached a stage where product features were having decreasing value to the consumer. Working with the marketing teams we set about understanding, at a truly granular level, which product and service features had value and drove equity in the brand. What did each element actually contribute in terms of allowing SKU’s to compete and ideally, positively differentiate themselves from the competition.

An extensive programme of research was conducted across several countries to identify all the attributes that appeared to contribute towards consumer quality perceptions

Client was able to prioritise SKU’s, change marketing messages and tailor the range to each domestic market.

Equity Drivers

  • Unpacking the Unconscious

  • Identifying what really matters

  • Helping Manufacturing with What to Dial up

With Director involvement at every stage we build relationships, inspire people, and make research stimulating for everyone involved. Email Kevin Stanfield :


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