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Ethnographic - Deep Dive - Tobacco

In a commodity market where the user experience is habitual and intuitive traditional research methods do not always cut it. The consumer cannot always articulate what they do and why they do it.

Ethnography enables us to observe the consumer in their own world. Taking the research into the different environments rather than consumers post rationalising their behaviour in a sterile ‘research studio’ format.

We designed a multi-disciplined approach that involved observation, in-situ mobile data collection and in-home follow up sessions to truly unpack the ingrained consumer attitudes. Only by ‘being there’ was it possible to break into and unlock the consumer mindset.

Ethnographic Immersion

  • Engaging with Customers

  • Getting clients to actually meet people

  • Deep dive stuff

  • The Unsexy World

With Director involvement at every stage we build relationships, inspire people, and make research stimulating for everyone involved. Email Kevin Stanfield :


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