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Innovation - Fusion Days – B2B Services

We were approached by a major Logistics company that felt it was losing out in the small business market and wanted to improve their offer via innovation rather than price.

The Innovation Team were very keen to remain involved through the process. Interacting with small business owners and online sellers we designed a speedy NPD research programme. Collaboration and engagement fuelled accelerated thinking and stopped the project losing momentum.

Six-months later one of the ideas was successfully introduced and did indeed help improve their performance in the small business sector!

See it. Live it. Test it. Do it


  • Loads of Stuff

  • Future Gazing

  • Concept Testing

  • Proposition Assessment

  • Blank Sheet of Paper Briefs

  • Sexy Insurance

  • Bank Accounts

  • The Weird and Wonderful

With Director involvement at every stage we build relationships, inspire people, and make research stimulating for everyone involved. Email Kevin Stanfield :


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