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Relationships – Trade Attitudes - Retail

The CTN market was becoming an increasingly important channel for our client’s key brands. But the plethora of products available and the desire of the shop owner to try and stock everything made the CTN channel a crowded and confusing fixture.

We undertook a series of in-depth trade journeys with CTN owners. Accompanying them on their purchasing trips to ‘Cash and Carry’ outlets we identified how they made their often irrational purchasing decisions and how and why they bought and then displayed products in a certain way.

The client used the research findings to provide evidence to CTN owners that a reduced range and provision of more quality brands actually increased footfall and revenue for all parties.


  • Making the Corner Shop Work

  • Understanding Grumpy Retailers

  • Helping Teachers Teach

With Director involvement at every stage we build relationships, inspire people, and make research stimulating for everyone involved. Email Kevin Stanfield :


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